Everyone at one time or another has been faced with the dilemma of having to make a difficult choice. Sometimes the decision turns out to be the wrong one. Have you ever wished there was a sure-fire method for determining the best choice for you? There is a way and it is equally available to all, at any time, in any place and best of all it’s free. It is not something that takes days or weeks to learn, nor does it require any special skills or education. It is a natural, basic process innate to every human being.

Do you like to daydream? Have you ever wondered, What if? Use your imagination to help you when you need guidance. Test each choice before committing to a decision. It’s simple and foolproof!

Let’s say you are faced with two difficult choices: to stay in your present job that you enjoy or to accept a very lucrative offer from another company. How do you decide? You can always write down the pros and cons for each choice, but that method doesn’t tell you anything about the consequences of your decision. It doesn’t tell you how you will feel about your decision.

If you want reliable feedback as to how a certain choice will affect you, then use your imagination to get the answer. Move ahead in time and visualize yourself in that place or situation. Ask yourself, If I choose this, how will I feel? Does this choice make you feel happy and excited or apprehensive? Feelings are your barometer to making good, healthy decisions for yourself.

Your body never lies. Feelings are a dependable way of gauging when something is right for you and probably more importantly, when something is not right. You just have to pay attention. Become aware of how your body feels. It won’t steer you wrong. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose but bad decisions. Start making good choices today!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein