Winter Remedies

When our bodies are overworked and overstressed, when we’re run down, our immune system doesn’t respond they way it is intended, resulting in illness. During the winter months it’s easy to overdo things. There are the holidays and parties to attend, often there is an increase in physical labor due to weather conditions, plus the decrease in sunshine resulting in the winter blues. All of these factors contribute to a decrease in stamina and lowered resistance to illness. So what can you do to stay healthy during the winter months? And what should you do if you succumb to illness (colds, ear aches, sore throats)? Ways to stay healthy: Avoid wet feet Keep your home slightly cool; don’t overheat Avoid drafts Avoid becoming overtired Exercise on a regular basis Avoid caffeine Detox on a regular basis – – Use a castor oil pack over the abdomen to draw out toxins – Goldenseal – an herb, is effective for flushing toxins from the body – Bathe in a hot Epsom Salt bath – it draws out toxins Keep the body in balance with the diet – 80% alkaline, 20% acidic – A cold can’t live in an alkaline environment, but feeds itself in an overly acidic environment. Think positive thoughts – negativity turns the body acidic Avoid stress Colon cleansing on a regular basis Get a massage Take Echinacea for immunity (it stimulates the immune system)   Steps to take once you’re sick: Alkaline fast (drink within ½ hour) – for an oncoming cold As soon as you notice the first symptom: – OJ flush – 48 oz OJ with juice of 2 fresh lemons or, 48 oz grapefruit juice with juice of 2 fresh limes – 1 tsp of baking soda in 8 oz water. Sip throughout an hour. Get plenty of bed rest Don’t force foods – the body knows when to take food. At that time, nothing beats chicken soup (preferably homemade). It really will help to strengthen the body. Soak feet in warm water occasionally – for colds Zinc – good for colds and immune function Gargle with 2 parts Glycothymoline to 1 part water – sore throats Few drops of warm castor oil put in the ear – for ear aches Castor oil pack Glycothymoline pack – for the sinuses Throat wrap using Glycothymoline – for a sore throat For chest congestion – Mustard poultice – Camphoderm   Staying healthy the natural way is easy. Allowing the body to heal using its own natural healing mechanism instead of pumping it full of drugs and chemicals is the naturopathic way to health. Try it and experience the difference!   The holistic health tips presented above are for informational and educational purposes only. They are intended to raise one’s awareness of the many options available outside traditional medicine. Remember to check with your doctor before beginning any new health regimen.