LIFE changes constantly and without this process of change, all life would cease. So what is change? Essentially, change is movement – it’s action and momentum.

Movement is inherent in all facets of life. Take breath for instance. The physical act of breathing requires taking in air, then expelling it. A physical movement takes place with every breath. If you cease to breathe, you cease to live.

Change means to make something different, to alter it in some manner. It’s about newness, about other ways of being, or living, or working, or playing, or whatever. No matter whether the environ is physical, mental, or spiritual – motion enables a change to occur.

To participate in life, you have to be willing to move forward, to bend, be flexible, and supple in mind as well as in body. In other words, you have to embrace the idea of change. Otherwise, the choice is stagnation which will ultimately lead to death if not changed.

Moving and changing is all about exploring the myriad choices life offers. Changes allow breakthroughs to occur in life, opening up different avenues for discovery. The world is at your feet and all you have to do is move – in any direction – for a shift in your life to occur.

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Haven’t you ever noticed, perception is reality? All you have to do is shift your perception and your entire life can change. And sometimes, a small change is all that’s needed. Subtleties, such as a fleeting thought or emotion, is oftentimes the perfect catalyst for change.

In any form, change is about shifting perspectives. So this mechanism we call change, is integral to life itself.

Allowing for A Different Outcome

During the Winter Olympics of 2018, athletes saw many challenges in the quest for Gold. How many times did we see skaters, skiers and others falter, not living up to past measurements of greatness or accomplishments? Or maybe even the future projections of expectations?

This destructive, self-imposed mental pressure wreaked havoc upon many dreams and ambitions. Only a few were able to escape the punishing mentality, the negative mental gymnastics. The ones that overcame mental handicaps did so because of a shift in thought. It didn’t have to be a huge shift, just enough to make a change.

Nathan Chen, US Figure Skater, is a perfect example of the power of a shifting mindset. His short dance performance was dismal at best, what with several stumbles. But in his final Olympic performance, he completely redeemed himself, landing five out of six quad jumps, making Olympic history. How did he achieve such a change in his performance?

His mindset. He had to alter his perspective, shift his mindset, to allow for a different outcome. Obviously, this released his self-imposed narrative, as well as the expectations of others. Once he was free of these mental burdens he was able to go out there and create a different outcome, a positive one.

Striving for Balance

Change is inherent in everything we do. Every decision we make involves an element of change.
We alter our roles in life frequently – changing our profession or marital status, moving up the corporate ladder, or becoming a parent – in a seemingly constant balancing act.

Ultimately, change is about balance.

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And life balance is what most people strive for, though few achieve it. In order to find that elusive balance in life, we have to be willing to embrace change. We have to be willing to alter our environment through changing our perspective. This is how we become unstuck and move forward.

Change is vital to growth and awareness, whereas stagnation and death are the nemesis to change.

Change is really all about the positives in life, even when your perspective is such that you can only see one foot in front of you. It is about shifting your point of view to allow something to come into your vision, even if only peripherally.

Make Space for What You Desire

Change is hard; it can be like you’re on a white water rafting trip, or zip lining high above tree tops. But it can also be like sailing on pristine, calm water. The choice is yours. So many times we tend to make things more difficult than they have to be. But if we stop, listen, and pay attention, often we can get out of our own way long enough to choose wisely.

Make space in your life for what you desire. Clean out the clutter so that there is room for what

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you want to manifest. If your life is so cluttered with expectations, other peoples desires, etc., there will be no room for changes to take place. So clean out the clutter in your head as well as the clutter in your home and surrounding life, i.e. work, family, friendships.

What will your life become?